Today I want to show you my Earth. I’m so happy to have it! It’s not perfectly round, but still. My own globe :) Hmm… I could sew on a bead everywhere I visited. It’s not that accurate, however it’s big enough.

This magnificent project could have been crocheted thanks to Kat Perdue’s patten. You can purchase it here, on Etsy :)

For those who think crocheting it is easy: in widest round it has 100 stitches, plus you change colour multiple times during one round. And there’s no two rounds alike! It can be tricky, you need to stay focus all the time, always counting your stitches. Pattern does not forgive mistakes, even missing one stitch or changing colour a stitch later. I unraveled mine Earth few times :D

I struggled not only with occasional miscounting, but also with changing colours. I think we all are used to it to some extent, but there are parts where you work with single stitch in green, then single one in blue, another single green and so on. It’s annoying at the least, and slows you down so much! You can’t cheat here, have to wade through all this tedious work. In the end, it’s absolutely worth it!

Instructions are clear and correct. I imagine this had to cost a lot of hard work to write it down, and even more to figure it out! Earth is so detailed, I’m in love with it :)

Easter Eggs

Hullo! :)

I’m not much of a religious person and Easter is more like a habit than meaningful holiday to me. I adore Christmas for many reasons, however I don’t feel the spirit of spring festival. Happens. I’ve made some decorations anyway, and I want to share it with you ;)

Two years ago I crocheted two sets of eggs, based on Kristie Tullus’ free pattern. One for each grandma :) I wanted eggs to be happy and spring-ish, so I decided to go with colours of crocus. Each one is made with different yarn to vary sizes. Violet one is made with Jeans (YarnArt), green with Paris (Drops) and white – Happy (YarnArt). No matter the yarn, crocheting them was easy and pleasing.

Don’t ask me about the white one, though. I have no idea why I made it furry in the first place, not to mention attaching eyes.

They are kind of weird, if you think about this :)


The very first amigurumi I crocheted was a tortoise. Not this one, but from the same pattern. I remember the joy and proud that I’ve made it! :)

It was a long time ago… Like six years or so. I still have thread I bought back then to crochet with. All colours that were avaliable ;)

Pattern is created by Kristie and is free. It’s not the easiest for beginners, as it requires lots of sewing and crocheting tiny legs, but it surely is worth your time.

Mr Sleepy

Hello guys!

I can’t say I have a bad day, but I do have a runny nose and it’s all sore from constant wiping. Bed and cuddly toy would be most welcome ;)

Mr Sleepy embraces the mood, so I’m all for showing it to you! It’s one of my latest works. I used Silvia Niessen’s free pattern. It is avaliable in Dutch only, but with little effort you’ll be able to read it.

I think it’s perfect for babies. You are able to crochet Mr Sleepy in one piece (plus hat). I absolutely love it! Give this handsome toy a try :)

Greetings from Ireland!

It’s already half of my stay here. Time passes by so quickly! I work Monday to Friday, but after leaving office I walk around the Dublin (and sometimes I get lost, too). Last weekend I was on an organized tour to County Kerry and Cliffs of Moher. Next weekend I’m going to Kilkenny. I love it here!

Ireland is so green, fruit trees and daffodils are already blooming. Right now also is starting the time of year when sheeps deliver little lambs, and so I had an opportunity to watch few days old lambs playing on a filed :)

Dublin is amazing. What I like most is a variety of buildings. There are no two alike, and right next to old, maybe even medieval ones, are raised new, often bizzare office buildings. I never thought such contrast could look this good! I’d say rather otherwise, despising new architecture placed fast beside historic buildings. How wrong I was :)

And countryside – magnificent! So pretty, so many unique places to visit!

Poeple are ever so friendly and more than patriotic. Evereything – and I mean everything – that can be green is green. When I landed on the airport, I saw traffic cones in white and green :) Souvenirs shops are placed at every corner and you can buy anything. Not only tourist visit and make trades ;) Also, going to a pub is unusual experience, especially when a sport game is transmitted.

If you get a chance to visit Ireland, don’t hesitate! I will definetly come back here one day :)

I don’t have anything new to show you, I’m affraid. I hadn’t take my stuff to Dublin, and even if I have, I wouldn’t find time to crochet. I spend every bit of free time sightseeing ;)

But! To stay in appropriate mood… Here is a forest-green dream drop!

Made with Big Merino from Drops. You can see also Rios from Malabrigo below – leftovers that I was saving for a dream drops for quite a long time. And they are yet to be used!

Rita the Rabbit

To begin with, I want to recommend you OlaBoga‘s Thursday series of interviews with pattern creators. It concerns problem of stealing and redistributing patterns (paid for and free ones as well). I can’t wait to read the very first interview! OlaBoga writes in Polish, though.

As for Rita… I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of Lalylala dolls. They are absolutely cute and unique! In my queue awaits also Lydia’s newest pattern, for Agatha the Spider, so you can expect to see it here ;)

If you bought one of Lalylala patterns, you can use this free kit to crochet also Rita, the rabbit.

I made five bunnies so far and I still am amazed how sweet it looks and how much people like it :) It looks good in one colour and made with variegated yarn, too.

Rita is quite easy to crochet. You can make adjustments in the pattern to attach body parts easier and crochet as much as possible in one piece. That’s my favourite part of fitting patterns to my style :)

However I have troubles with few things. Attaching head to body is tedious and placing eyes requires experience, as it’s quite easy to do it askew and you’ll end up with bunny looking somewhere aside. But it is worth the effort :)

I like to use crazy and vivid colours, like the ones above. It makes every bunny special!

Rita is a big toy – mine are crocheted with sport weight yarns – and it looks so adorable when small children hug it :) I’m definitely going to make more, one day.

Aaaand, I have news to tell you! I’m coming to Ireland! Next weekend :) I will stay for three weeks, I’m so excited! There is so many things I want to see and do, I hope I’ll have time for everything. I’m not taking my crochet tools with me, but maybe I’ll find fancy yarn to buy there, who knows? I’m hoping for great time in Dublin :)