Dream drops pattern :)

I’ve been wondering… What is your favourite drink? Do you enjoy the rain? Do you give blood or cry sometimes?

Those little brats could be anything for you. A teardrop, raindrop, drop of potion…

Dream drops are perfect small gifts for friends – just choose the colour and grab your hook!

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Dream drops pattern

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I absolutely love them!

I crochet dream drops like there’s no tomorrow, from every yarn that falls into my hands. They are super cute and very easy to make. Quick, too – an hour is more than enough.

If you are curious, please come back every once in a while and visit this page, where all my dream drops will be presented! There is also a dedicated link on the left bar ;)

Pattern for Little Christmas Trees

Whoa, time sure goes quickly. I feel like just writing the last post, and yet a whole week has passed! I am so unprepared for writing new one, it’s almost painful. I haven’t even order a yarn for the squirrel! Too messy, too lazy, per late.

And yet you’re still with me. Statictics says around 60 of you visit me every day despite the blog had disappeared from the net for 10 months or so! It makes me feel happy and honoured, I don’t even know how to say proper thank you to you, guys.

Anyway, since I want to write something and winter is coming aaand some people link the pattern to me, I thought it would be a great deal to finally put it here. Without further announcements:

Little Christmas Tree Pattern

little christmas tree

Pattern is available in English, however – thanks to amazing work of my friends – you may access its translations under below locations:

Danish translation by Tullemomsemor

Dutch and French translations by Petronille

Russian translation by Diana

Little Christmas Trees are 5 cm tall. They are worked in spiral, no joining rounds, and also – no sewing! You make two pieces, tree and trunk.

Prepare for crocheting them:
* sport weight yarn – I used YarnArt Jeans, about 30 meters for each tree (you are welcome to use any yarn you like, but remember to use matching hook! Also, measurements will change)
* 3 mm hook
* thread, beads etc. to decorate tree
* soft stuffing
* yarn needle

Abbreviations – US terms
st(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain stitch
sl – slip stitch
sc – single crochet (UK double crochet)
dc – double crochet (UK treble crochet)
inc – increase, sc 2 stitches in indicated stitch
dec – decrease, sc next 2 stitches together
BLO – work through back loops only
FLO – work through front loops only
*…* – repeat instructions between asterisks

You are also welcome to see projects crocheted based on the pattern on Ravlery. My favourites are linked directly from pictures below, so be sure to check them out :)