Let the addict visit yarn shop…

…and this is what happens:

I bought 34 skeins of yarn!

Yup, 34. And I was looking only for beautiful rusty colour, as I am going to crochet a squirrel. I found it, of course :) Isn’t it perfect?

Yet what I also found is a set of amazing neon-ish skeins from YarnArt. I’ve alwas wanted to create something crazy, and this yarn will be perfect!

And then I saw absolutely irresistible pinks and purples. I couldn’t help myself and all cute colours (absolute minimum) of Big Merino and Paris from Drops had found its way to my shopping cart. Here’s what I’ve got:

I bought only one skein in each colour, so I hope it will be enough for upcoming projects. I want to crochet so many things, 27 items in my Ravelry queue! So exciting!

Post not named for a reason

Today is the day I’ve been so waiting for – the beginning of my holidays! Two weeks of sleeping however long I want and going to bed late at night :) I was planning to relax this evening, maybe watch some movie and cuddle with a cat. But then I saw blue yarn (the one I recently got) amongst other skeins laying in an envelope in the corner of my room. It’s been annoying me for some time now, and I finally decided to make something about it. In other words: to find a place and hide it from sight.

Riiight… I told you before I am addicted to craft shopping, didn’t I? I have quite a lot Ikea boxes in which I store different things, so you don’t think of what’s inside, most of the time. Many of them are of size 35 x 28 x 18 centimeters, quite capacious. You can place in them like 20 skeins of yarn (50 g weight) or so.

I have six boxes filled with yarn to the brim and then some freely stored skeins. Keep in mind I am not a clothing maker, I mostly crochet amigurumi and sometimes a scarf or whatever. I admit that half of it is the Big Merino from Drops, bought for a project never even started. But the rest is just a random skeins I collected over past years. Some were used for a specific project and leftovers are still there, some are too pretty to waste on anything, and then there are also ones that I thought cool – like yellow neon yarn – but I have no use for. If I add to that stuffing, safety eyes, beads, buttons and all my knitting and crochetting tools…

I have more crocheting related stuff than all other things combined. I’ve never had so many books at the same time in my life, and I used to have many. I remember shelf snaping and falling to my head with all the books, once.

And do you know what’s worst? I am about to buy even more yarn.

Before you start judging me… I started this project of cuddly Cthulhu – the Great Old One crocheted with a plushie yarn. I already have a head and torso, but I run out of yarn to follow with arms, legs and wings. I didn’t order yarn for this project for a year and a half. Anyway, just imagine: fearsome Cthulhu looking like milk drop below! ;)

I also bought a pattern for Hanna the Squirrel, something I concidered getting since the beginning of this year, actually. I don’t have a proper yarn though. I could use a grey one I have plenty of (just see below picture to get the idea), but I’d rather make it red or brown, the colours of squirrels romping in the trees where I live.

I don’t even know what title of this post should I use to not to look completely foolish. I need to come up with something clever ;)

Please tell me you have so much yarn, too…

I’m addicted to craft shopping

There’s no point to deny the truth. I already knew every visit to a yarn store (in real life and online as well) has this high probability of me ending up with at least few not planned skeins being bought. Even more so when yarn has this lovely colour. I was also aware that when I see in a small-wares cute buttons, beads and what-have-you I feel instant urge to purchaise it. Until today I thought it was due to desire of having on hand pretty materials which I can use at any given time in my projects.

Well, it wasn’t. I was browsing the net in search of some safety eyes, as I am running out of 8 mm ones. It’s been a while since I’ve done it last time and I discovered many new options avaliable on the market. Safety eyes with diameter of 3 mm! Such small eyes didn’t exist few years ago. I found almost every extent between 3 and 10 milimeters. Of course, I just had to buy at least pair from each size. No ‘cuteness’ excuses this time.

Did you know they now offer plain black safety eyes of oval shape? Wicked.

If I could spare a separate room just for crafting supplies and arrange there my crocheting nook, I’d have literally dozens of small jars filled with different types of everything sitting on shelves. I suppose I would never use many of it, but still.

Does this make me addicted? Perhaps. I don’t intend to do anything about it, though. Not until I am spending all my money on craft supplies, that is ;)

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, where we are going old school :)

Yup, that’s the point. It is my fourth blog, after all, and I’m tired of all the blogs out there that imitate small web portals with thematic posts every Wednesday and new pattern published every week. I don’t really mind it, and some of them are awesome :) Though it seems to me that number of readers and commenters determines its form and shape, like it is the very most important thing about blogging. Unfortunately many of these blogs lost their purpose along the way.

I shall stay out of all this and follow my own pace. Writing anything I feel to write about and sharing whatever pops into my head at the time. Mostly amigurumi and crocheting stuff ;) And if I have just one reader, one that comes back to visit, I will still feel happy and I will continue writing for that one person.

Thus I hope you’ll like it here :)