Christmas Toadstools

Ah, I couldn’t wait to share with you this little project! Last year’s small gifts, my absolutely favourites. I think about breaking my rule (every Christmas something new, you know), and repeat toadstools, it was so cute and perfect :) I definitely need to make more for myself, I have only one left.

With the help of Orange Flower Yarn’s (free) pattern, shiny Glitter thread and adorable little bells, mushrooms were made. I remember being at work on New Years Eve and crocheting some at midnight. It was fun!

Crocheting one takes approximately an hour (time for adornment included), which makes it perfect for giveaways for family and friends. Just by spending an hour each week you’ll get 52 of them!

Pictures above were made a year ago, and I wanted to show you my last one that’s left. Those are photos taken with my phone, not fair quality, but it will have to do. I bought this stand specially for my toadstool and I intend to crochet four more so I can tie it to remaining arms.

It’s a week and a half to go! Are you getting excited? ;)

Next time I’ll show you this year ornaments, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Toadstools”

  1. Wyglądają znajomo :D te grzybki są przeurocze!
    I w końcu wiem, jak jest muchomor po angielsku (ostatnio tez dowiedziałam się, jak jest pęczak, ale nie wiem, jak kabanos…).
    W tym roku pewnie już nie zdążę, ale może za rok… zobaczymy.
    Zastanawiałaś się w ogóle skąd to wieszanie muchomorów na choince? Jak się nad tym zastanowić, to jest to trochę… creepy ;p
    OlaBoga recently posted…Zdążyć przed Świętami – tydzień ostatniMy Profile

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