Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, where we are going old school :)

Yup, that’s the point. It is my fourth blog, after all, and I’m tired of all the blogs out there that imitate small web portals with thematic posts every Wednesday and new pattern published every week. I don’t really mind it, and some of them are awesome :) Though it seems to me that number of readers and commenters determines its form and shape, like it is the very most important thing about blogging. Unfortunately many of these blogs lost their purpose along the way.

I shall stay out of all this and follow my own pace. Writing anything I feel to write about and sharing whatever pops into my head at the time. Mostly amigurumi and crocheting stuff ;) And if I have just one reader, one that comes back to visit, I will still feel happy and I will continue writing for that one person.

Thus I hope you’ll like it here :)


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