I’m addicted to craft shopping

There’s no point to deny the truth. I already knew every visit to a yarn store (in real life and online as well) has this high probability of me ending up with at least few not planned skeins being bought. Even more so when yarn has this lovely colour. I was also aware that when I see in a small-wares cute buttons, beads and what-have-you I feel instant urge to purchaise it. Until today I thought it was due to desire of having on hand pretty materials which I can use at any given time in my projects.

Well, it wasn’t. I was browsing the net in search of some safety eyes, as I am running out of 8 mm ones. It’s been a while since I’ve done it last time and I discovered many new options avaliable on the market. Safety eyes with diameter of 3 mm! Such small eyes didn’t exist few years ago. I found almost every extent between 3 and 10 milimeters. Of course, I just had to buy at least pair from each size. No ‘cuteness’ excuses this time.

Did you know they now offer plain black safety eyes of oval shape? Wicked.

If I could spare a separate room just for crafting supplies and arrange there my crocheting nook, I’d have literally dozens of small jars filled with different types of everything sitting on shelves. I suppose I would never use many of it, but still.

Does this make me addicted? Perhaps. I don’t intend to do anything about it, though. Not until I am spending all my money on craft supplies, that is ;)

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