Let the addict visit yarn shop…

…and this is what happens:

I bought 34 skeins of yarn!

Yup, 34. And I was looking only for beautiful rusty colour, as I am going to crochet a squirrel. I found it, of course :) Isn’t it perfect?

Yet what I also found is a set of amazing neon-ish skeins from YarnArt. I’ve alwas wanted to create something crazy, and this yarn will be perfect!

And then I saw absolutely irresistible pinks and purples. I couldn’t help myself and all cute colours (absolute minimum) of Big Merino and Paris from Drops had found its way to my shopping cart. Here’s what I’ve got:

I bought only one skein in each colour, so I hope it will be enough for upcoming projects. I want to crochet so many things, 27 items in my Ravelry queue! So exciting!

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