Octopus Adorabilis

Hey there!

Remember me saying a few days ago I was going home from a delegation? Well, my coworkers figured out I love crocheting and – as a parting gift – gave me a needles, a hook and a skein of yarn in wonderful, deep blue colour :) I was astonished and touched, it was so adorable!

I promised to crochet them something, obviously. Since they live in a seaside city and the yarn is blue, I thought that some sea creature will be a great idea. I was keeping an eye on Octopus Adorabilis pattern for some time now, as it is cute and quite large (42 stitches in the biggest round). Its ears are super lovely, too!


My coworkers will get it on Tuesday, I believe. So they don’t know yet, you are the first, ha!

And there are some shells I picked up on the beach. It’s lagoon cockle’s. In Baltic sea they don’t grow spectacularly large, 30 mm most, yet they are my favourite. They go in beautiful colours too, though mostly white and yellowish.

Octopus was fun and easy to crochet, give it a try! I’d love to see your versions of this pattern. Then we can throw an octopi party ;)

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