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Today is the day I’ve been so waiting for – the beginning of my holidays! Two weeks of sleeping however long I want and going to bed late at night :) I was planning to relax this evening, maybe watch some movie and cuddle with a cat. But then I saw blue yarn (the one I recently got) amongst other skeins laying in an envelope in the corner of my room. It’s been annoying me for some time now, and I finally decided to make something about it. In other words: to find a place and hide it from sight.

Riiight… I told you before I am addicted to craft shopping, didn’t I? I have quite a lot Ikea boxes in which I store different things, so you don’t think of what’s inside, most of the time. Many of them are of size 35 x 28 x 18 centimeters, quite capacious. You can place in them like 20 skeins of yarn (50 g weight) or so.

I have six boxes filled with yarn to the brim and then some freely stored skeins. Keep in mind I am not a clothing maker, I mostly crochet amigurumi and sometimes a scarf or whatever. I admit that half of it is the Big Merino from Drops, bought for a project never even started. But the rest is just a random skeins I collected over past years. Some were used for a specific project and leftovers are still there, some are too pretty to waste on anything, and then there are also ones that I thought cool – like yellow neon yarn – but I have no use for. If I add to that stuffing, safety eyes, beads, buttons and all my knitting and crochetting tools…

I have more crocheting related stuff than all other things combined. I’ve never had so many books at the same time in my life, and I used to have many. I remember shelf snaping and falling to my head with all the books, once.

And do you know what’s worst? I am about to buy even more yarn.

Before you start judging me… I started this project of cuddly Cthulhu – the Great Old One crocheted with a plushie yarn. I already have a head and torso, but I run out of yarn to follow with arms, legs and wings. I didn’t order yarn for this project for a year and a half. Anyway, just imagine: fearsome Cthulhu looking like milk drop below! ;)

I also bought a pattern for Hanna the Squirrel, something I concidered getting since the beginning of this year, actually. I don’t have a proper yarn though. I could use a grey one I have plenty of (just see below picture to get the idea), but I’d rather make it red or brown, the colours of squirrels romping in the trees where I live.

I don’t even know what title of this post should I use to not to look completely foolish. I need to come up with something clever ;)

Please tell me you have so much yarn, too…

One thought on “Post not named for a reason”

  1. Skąd ja to znam :D Chociaż aż tyle zapasów jednej włóczki nie mam…
    Mogłabyś pokazać Cthulu w wersji słodkiej^^ Jestem ciekawa, czy faktycznie wygląda jak mleczna kropla ;)
    Wiewiórkę zapisuję, zmienię jej uszy i będzie szynszyla *_*

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