Rita the Rabbit

To begin with, I want to recommend you OlaBoga‘s Thursday series of interviews with pattern creators. It concerns problem of stealing and redistributing patterns (paid for and free ones as well). I can’t wait to read the very first interview! OlaBoga writes in Polish, though.

As for Rita… I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of Lalylala dolls. They are absolutely cute and unique! In my queue awaits also Lydia’s newest pattern, for Agatha the Spider, so you can expect to see it here ;)

If you bought one of Lalylala patterns, you can use this free kit to crochet also Rita, the rabbit.

I made five bunnies so far and I still am amazed how sweet it looks and how much people like it :) It looks good in one colour and made with variegated yarn, too.

Rita is quite easy to crochet. You can make adjustments in the pattern to attach body parts easier and crochet as much as possible in one piece. That’s my favourite part of fitting patterns to my style :)

However I have troubles with few things. Attaching head to body is tedious and placing eyes requires experience, as it’s quite easy to do it askew and you’ll end up with bunny looking somewhere aside. But it is worth the effort :)

I like to use crazy and vivid colours, like the ones above. It makes every bunny special!

Rita is a big toy – mine are crocheted with sport weight yarns – and it looks so adorable when small children hug it :) I’m definitely going to make more, one day.

Aaaand, I have news to tell you! I’m coming to Ireland! Next weekend :) I will stay for three weeks, I’m so excited! There is so many things I want to see and do, I hope I’ll have time for everything. I’m not taking my crochet tools with me, but maybe I’ll find fancy yarn to buy there, who knows? I’m hoping for great time in Dublin :)