Today I want to show you my Earth. I’m so happy to have it! It’s not perfectly round, but still. My own globe :) Hmm… I could sew on a bead everywhere I visited. It’s not that accurate, however it’s big enough.

This magnificent project could have been crocheted thanks to Kat Perdue’s patten. You can purchase it here, on Etsy :)

For those who think crocheting it is easy: in widest round it has 100 stitches, plus you change colour multiple times during one round. And there’s no two rounds alike! It can be tricky, you need to stay focus all the time, always counting your stitches. Pattern does not forgive mistakes, even missing one stitch or changing colour a stitch later. I unraveled mine Earth few times :D

I struggled not only with occasional miscounting, but also with changing colours. I think we all are used to it to some extent, but there are parts where you work with single stitch in green, then single one in blue, another single green and so on. It’s annoying at the least, and slows you down so much! You can’t cheat here, have to wade through all this tedious work. In the end, it’s absolutely worth it!

Instructions are clear and correct. I imagine this had to cost a lot of hard work to write it down, and even more to figure it out! Earth is so detailed, I’m in love with it :)

Doppler Effect Bauble


Quick update today.

May I present the only one ball I knitted, in a form of a Chrstmas bauble! Yes! With a touch of gold gleaming thread. I call it the Doppler Effect bauble, as white stripes are supposed to immitate changing wave.

doppler effect bauble

I can knit quite well, or so you tell me, my stitches are supposed to be always even and perfect. However knitting a ball is something completely different. Beginning and finishing are so difficult!

I truly admire those who are able to knit amigurumi. You’re awesome!