One-armed Voodoo doll

Welcome back!

How are your New Year’s resolutions? Mine are a bit… neglected… but I’m still trying to get there. Most challenging thing is finding time to do everything I want. And as always, crocheting is pushed into the background :(

I don’t want to leave behind things I love and I care about just to be able to fullfill all duties and obligations. They say what you dedicate most of your time to becomes most important thing in your life. For obvious reasons most people spend long hours working, but at the end of the day we all have 24 hours. And you can see people living their dreams, devoting to their hobbies, again and again. How do they do that?

I’m going to find out how, I’ll let you know. I’m going to work hard to achieve whatever makes me happy. I can’t do much about me working overtime, however there is lots, lots of things I can change. I want to have more time to spend with people I love. More time for my cats. I want to get in shape at last and learn new skills. I want to crochet and read more.

It feels like too much to endure. I don’t know if I can reach that high, but I still want to try. I’d be more than happy and thankfull for your support. It means a lot to me, especially if changes require time.

I know OlaBoga is preparing to participate in a marathon this year, which is great goal. I can only imagine how huge effort she needs to – and elready did – put into this. Even for professional athletes it is demanding! Ola, I hope – no, I know! – you will take part in this marathon and you will finish it with a big fat smile. You will do it :)

As a part of enchantment (because we can use any help avaliable, right?), let’s stick some metaphorical pins into Voodoo doll that symbolizes our current reality. Shall we? ;)

I’m just kidding, no pins hurting me! But it would be splendid to know you can fix your life with a few jabs :)

On the other hand it was kind of hard to stick all those pins into doll I crocheted, so I’m not sure if I would be able to fix my life after all. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know what happened to the doll. I made it four years ago for my friend and haven’t heard about it since. Hmm…

Anyway, if you want one like this for yourselves (if you believe in this kind of magic, I mean), it is Ann D’Angelo‘s pattern. Free nad easy to follow :) There is no colour changing, and you can make it unique in so many ways! Use mis-matched buttons, use different stitches to sew hands and legs, maybe embroider a heart to stab? The last one made me smile :)


Dream drops pattern :)

I’ve been wondering… What is your favourite drink? Do you enjoy the rain? Do you give blood or cry sometimes?

Those little brats could be anything for you. A teardrop, raindrop, drop of potion…

Dream drops are perfect small gifts for friends – just choose the colour and grab your hook!

– ~ * ~ –

Dream drops pattern

– ~ * ~ –

I absolutely love them!

I crochet dream drops like there’s no tomorrow, from every yarn that falls into my hands. They are super cute and very easy to make. Quick, too – an hour is more than enough.

If you are curious, please come back every once in a while and visit this page, where all my dream drops will be presented! There is also a dedicated link on the left bar ;)

Christmas Toadstools

Ah, I couldn’t wait to share with you this little project! Last year’s small gifts, my absolutely favourites. I think about breaking my rule (every Christmas something new, you know), and repeat toadstools, it was so cute and perfect :) I definitely need to make more for myself, I have only one left.

With the help of Orange Flower Yarn’s (free) pattern, shiny Glitter thread and adorable little bells, mushrooms were made. I remember being at work on New Years Eve and crocheting some at midnight. It was fun!

Crocheting one takes approximately an hour (time for adornment included), which makes it perfect for giveaways for family and friends. Just by spending an hour each week you’ll get 52 of them!

Pictures above were made a year ago, and I wanted to show you my last one that’s left. Those are photos taken with my phone, not fair quality, but it will have to do. I bought this stand specially for my toadstool and I intend to crochet four more so I can tie it to remaining arms.

It’s a week and a half to go! Are you getting excited? ;)

Next time I’ll show you this year ornaments, so stay tuned!

Wanted: Pumpkins

Coming back to autumn’s atmosphere… :)


This cute pumpkin is made thanks to Amiguria Amigurumi, and you can find the pattern here, on Ravelry. It is free, also very easy to crochet, so be sure to check it out ;)

And below is a pumpkin monster created on a flow few years ago. It has scaary smile and vicious tentacles ready to wrap around you and throttle you in the name of unknown Halloween evil. It hasn’t, yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s not trying. Beware of pumpkins, these days!


Octopus Adorabilis

Hey there!

Remember me saying a few days ago I was going home from a delegation? Well, my coworkers figured out I love crocheting and – as a parting gift – gave me a needles, a hook and a skein of yarn in wonderful, deep blue colour :) I was astonished and touched, it was so adorable!

I promised to crochet them something, obviously. Since they live in a seaside city and the yarn is blue, I thought that some sea creature will be a great idea. I was keeping an eye on Octopus Adorabilis pattern for some time now, as it is cute and quite large (42 stitches in the biggest round). Its ears are super lovely, too!


My coworkers will get it on Tuesday, I believe. So they don’t know yet, you are the first, ha!

And there are some shells I picked up on the beach. It’s lagoon cockle’s. In Baltic sea they don’t grow spectacularly large, 30 mm most, yet they are my favourite. They go in beautiful colours too, though mostly white and yellowish.

Octopus was fun and easy to crochet, give it a try! I’d love to see your versions of this pattern. Then we can throw an octopi party ;)


I have a folder on my desktop with pictures of every work I want to show you. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to crochet on my daily basis and therefore every project takes me ages to complete… :( And so I thought it would be a good idea to host also my old amigurumi here.

Today I was browsing files, and this one picture catched my eye. I really like this doll, its gentle hair, head leaned to the side and pine cone beside her. The pattern I used was created by Daniela Duma, you will find it on Ravelry.


When I saw original Autumn doll for the first time, I fell in love with it. How cute she looks, from the way colourful layers on the dress unfold, to long, delicate braid falling down on the side. Autumn is also my favourite season :)

In few weeks it will arrive again. Where I live it offers variety of beautiful scenes. When it’s warm and sunny, leaves change colours to gold, red and brown. Chestnuts, acorns and red mountain ash adorn trees, various mushrooms sprout from moss in the forest and the sun is more gentle than in the summer. But autumn can be also chilly, with mists arising and rooks and crows flying across the cloudy sky. It can be rainy, with dusk falling early and leavless trees swaying on the wind. This time of year you can see the night sky and stars clearly. You can also wrap yourself in a blanket and spend endless hours in bed, in front of fireplace or in the garden reading, crocheting, drinking tea and hot chocolate… Sounds like perfect day to me :)

Forgive me if I am a bit too sentimental. I am right now far away from home, like 600 kilometers from where I live, on a two month delegation from work. I love it here, and I am by the seaside, which is amazing! I miss my family and friends, though, and long horribly for my cats. But tomorrow’s my last day at work here, and when I get back I will pack myself up and get ready. On Saturday morning I’m going to board onto a train home. I am already counting down the hours. So the very next time I will write you from Kraków, yayy!

It appeares I am sleepy, too. Time to go to bed, I guess. Sleep tight :)